The GLC procurement department execute tasks including the procurement of materials within the working budget of projects, production progress control after order, and quality control of inspections and transportations to sites according to a project schedule. The people who are in this department need to have skills such as sensitivities for market trends, correct understanding of international regulations, calm judgment for prices, strength to negotiate with makers, and strong will power for tough quality requirements.


In addition, GLC controls the delivery of materials and equipment from vendor are usually transported to sites by ship, and the logistic process is reviewed in a timely manner. The process is influenced by the changing schedule of material production or weather over the ocean. Being organized throughout its schedule, mode or route of transport is very important. The materials are sometimes extremely heavy and/or large, and the schedule takes into consideration transport conditions such as roads and bridges, the route to the site, and special custom clearance in the site countries. Once all materials are settled in the construction sites, the person in charge of procurement can be filled with a feeling of accomplishment and pride.