Hồ sơ công ty

Spending about 2 decades in operation, GLC has grown very fast and become a leading international enterprise for engineering service. On top of that, 3 factories has been build up in 3 countries such as Taiwan, China and Vietnam to meet the customer demand. Additionally, quality control and time management are taken strictly in our company to make sure that any product or services we provide, that can make customer completely satisfy. We are very proud that, GLC is now appreciated by global customer for our design, steel fabrication and erection work.


Besides that, GLC keeps moving forward to fulfill its mission: “To make customers happy with the optimal engineering services”. In order to reach our long-term goals, GLC constantly pursues advancement and refinement to win the recognition and trust from customers worldwide. Then, GLC expects to orient itself as a robust team equipped with unparalleled competitiveness to provide diversified optimum services to its customers and actively marching towards the vision of becoming “The most reliable international engineering service provider”. GLC will build a globally-recognized brand under the synergetic efforts of all GLC members, to ensure to bring the best values to customer.