Spending about 2 decades, GLC has long engaged in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of various field of industrial plant facilities. We have served a large number of clients with our EPC expertise not only in Taiwan but also overseas countries. As engineering company, we have vast amount of expertise and know-how gained through engineering and constructing the industrial plants. We are ready to provide entire services, starting from the very initial stage of technology development, its commercialization to feasibility studies, drawing project development plan, basic design, EPC, commissioning up to operation and maintenance. As indicated in the description below, GLC is prepared to provide the high quality services for any phase of a project.


Design & Manufacturing

Base on the customer demand, GLC can design the products by ourselves or combine with OEM oversea. If we cooperate with OEM overseas, we will work with these clients from draft drawing until the detailed drawing. Our engineers have expertise about Manufacturing Standard for Japan, Taiwan, and China and so on. Hence this design step will be accomplished smoothly. When we have the detailed drawing, we can manufacture for either OEM customer or ourselves depending each projects.All products we made are controlled strictly to meet high quality and international standard.


Installation & Commission

GLC employs our engineers, procurement department, and contractors that include the following disciplines: mechanical, electrical and controls. The broad experienced employee allows GLC to perform a wide range of projects from concept through delivery, installation and start-up of complete systems. We also do the documentation for operating and maintenance manuals.


Inspection & Revamping

There are many plants they have operated for long time, so the quality of equipment is not good enough. Hence, GLC has engineer team to go to the plants to help customer to do inspection for machines we have expertise. Then, we will submit to customer the inspection report include the revamping schedule and its budget. If the customer agrees with our proposal, we will move to next step is revamping. Our inspection & revamping job is always appreciated and satisfied by Taiwan and overseas customer.



We do the training for plants we installed or revamped. This job is very crucial because GLC wants to make sure it the customer understand the new system that installed by GLC. Besides that, training can help these customers can operate the system properly and avoid any error occurs in future that may lead to shut down the plant and very costly to customer.